How Earlifter™ works: Subtle ear lift restores natural airflow

Restores the natural airflow of the ancestral wolf to dogs with long, floppy ears

Scientific evidence reveals that dogs evolved from the ancestral wolf some 14,000 years ago.

Wolf ears are erect. The ear canals receive large volumes of airflow, as the wolf faces into the wind while scenting for prey.

Robust airflow over the ear canal evaporates moisture, drying the ear canals, providing an environment that resists bacterial growth and infection.

As dogs evolved, some breeds evolved long, droopy ears. Dimished airflow leads to more moisture and more bacteria.

Preventing Infections

The EarLifter™ subtly lifts the ears to provide adequate air circulation into the ear canal, preventing moisture build-up that causes bacteria to thrive and multiply. Bacteria are one of the most common causes of ear infections.

Healing Existing Infections

For existing ear infections, proper treatment as directed by a Veterinarian should be administered. The EarLifter™ will help heal existing ear infections faster when used in conjunction with Veterinarian recommended treatments.